Wanted Women Models Photographers, and Automobiles for Photo shoots


  What horses do for girls, horsepower does for boys. Has there ever been a love affair or obsession as that between a man and his automobile, truck or motorcycle, even if it is an old rattletrap?

  Something about the rounded curves of its flanks, and its headlights, which protrude like bosoms, something about the grumbling moan of the engine, which responds to his touch when it “turns on.quot; Hours are spent on rubbing, grooming and polishing.

  Girls and horsepower…they go together.


Do you look good in a bikini?

Do you like to show off?




Note-we paid out approximately $4,000 last year in Model Fees for our Utah Models

We are a busy and successful professional photography company based in Ogden, Utah. We have been published in Playboy, Penthouse, MAXIM, Models & Machines, LowRiders, Hot Rods, Custom Deluxe, Easy Riders, and many more of the worlds leading publications. Our photography is classy, beautiful and classy.

While we do shoot glamour, topless and nude, we also do swimsuit and fashion,  you will always be able to show your images with pride. It is never exploitation or degrading. We do not shoot Adult content.

We conduct lots of photographic workshops and one-on-one photography classes. We typically spend more than $4,000 a year on model fees, and prefer to work with the same models on a regular basis. We are looking for beautiful female models, who are punctual, can be professional and most importantly, dependable, for repeat work at our Photographic workshops and One-on-One Classes. Local models preferred-we may or may not pay travel expenses. All models must be 18+years old, physically fit, photogenic, willing to have fun, can take directions, and smile.

If you meet this criteria, and are looking to make good money on a regular basis, please contact us with the following:

Name, Email Address, Telephone Number, and email us at least three photos of you. (at least one photo, make it a full body shot. )

Please send un-retouched photos. Do not send heavily Photoshopped images. Email the photos to office@parts-locator-service.com and place the words WORKSHOP MODELS in the Subject line or call us at National Parts Locator Service (801) 393-4430.

Thank you,

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