Wacky Street Names

Whether you are traveling or across the street, or off to a drive to nowhere, you can run into some pretty odd things along the way. Such as, wild, wacky, wild street names.

For example, Chicken Shack Lane or Lois Lane Drive. Or a political debate located in Michigan called Nixon Bluett Road , or how about in Ohio, Fangboner Road, and sometimes things come together in odd ways at intersections, like New York’s Bangher (Avenue) and Leever (Street).

Send us the wackiest street name(s) of the month, and we will send you $25. Every contest has rules and this one is no exception, and here are the WACKY STREET NAME rules:

1. The street name(s) have to be real and verifiable.

2. Send us photo(s) of the street name(s), along with your Wacky Street Name submission. Doctored photos will be rejected.

3. If there are duplicates, the winner will be selected at random and dumb luck.

Some of our winning submissions have been:

Psycho Path, Traverse City, Michigan

Divorce Court, Heather Highlands, Pennsylvania

Farfrompoopen Road, Constipation Ridge, Tennessee

Intersection: Lonesome and Hardup, Georgia

Intersection: Clinton and Fidelity, Texas

Bucket of Blood Street, Arizona

Unexpected Road, New Jersey

Shades of Death Road, New Jersey

Intersection: Count and Basie, Virginia

Tater Peeler Road, Texas