Wacky Excuses for Speeding

Do you have a good excuse for speeding? Did it get you out of a ticket? Fuhgeddaboutit! The police have probably heard it before.

What was your best excuse for speeding? to get out of a ticket? You could win $25 for having the best excuse of the month. For the rest of us, we will just have to pay our fines.

We have been told that law officers have the hardest times not to laugh out loud at us, such as the time, an officer caught a guy doing 58 mph in a 35 mph zone. “He was truly indignant.” He told the officer, “I could not have been speeding, because I had my speedometer calibrated after my last speeding ticket.” Some of the most common excuses are “Why don’t you stop them too? Or, “I was trying to get home before the pizza arrived,” or “I was trying to get home before my wife does.” or “before I wet my pants” or “before I run out of gas.”

Following are some of the wackiest and best excuses we have received, and paid for:

“I was on my lunch break, and didn’t have much time, so I was hurrying to City Hall to pay a traffic ticket.”

“I’m on my way to propose to my girlfriend.” (The engagement ring was on the seat next to him, so the cop let him off.)

“I’m studying to be a cop and I’m late for class.”

“This is a bad part of town. I want to get through this part of town very quickly.”

“It’s a rental car and I have to get it back before noon, or else I have to pay $30 in overtime charges.”

“I accidentally took a laxative and need a bathroom.”

“My car has a big engine and it just wants to go fast.”

“My girlfriend’s husband, just left for the night and she called me to get over to her place fast.”

So…if you have been able to avoid a speeding ticket, and it is the best one for the month, we will happily send you $25 dollars. You may need it, the next time you get pulled over.