Light! Lots and lots and lots of light! Most digital cameras will automatically reduce the brightness to a suitable level. If there is not enough light to begin with, you, or your surroundings will be very poorly lit. Sometimes you want the “dark” look, but if in doubt – start with more light, you can always darken it in the computer later.

Lots and lots of candles, both in front of you and behind you. Candle lighting makes an orangey glow and is flattering to your figure.

Don’t be intimidated by the results in your camera’s preview screen. You can always manipulate the photo later. Wait till you see the photos on your computer screen before you delete them.

If your photos come out too dark or too bright, play with the “Levels” tool as well as Brightness/Contrast to achieve a good look.

The best photos don’t always involve people standing straight in front of the camera staring into the lens. Try unusual angles and close-up shots.

Your facial expression is one of the most erotic aspects of the photo. Have an inviting, turned-on expression.

Give yourself something to hold or do, this makes you look less self-concious. Hold a flower, a teacup, or even a piece of jewelry. NOT looking at the camera can make for very intimate pictures too.

A feather boa may seem over the top, but it can make an erotic photo look spectacular.

Look over photos in magazines, and realize that many of those poses are extremely uncomfortable, even if they look ‘hot’. You draped in the sofa may ‘feel’ sexy, but just look like a lumpy, saggy body. Note what the camera ‘sees’, not always what seems to ‘feel’ like a good pose.

Things You’ll Need

A tripod

A camera


Nice look

Some of our winners are below: