Nude Contest

$1,000 monthly winner

*All models must be at least 18 years old at time of shooting.

Every contest has rules, and this is no exception. They’re easy so you have no excuses, The photos are going to be judged on resolution, and the model. To enter, send us 15 high resolution photos on a CD, or 15 photos. Make sure your images on the CD are jpg files and that they are large enough to publish in a magazine (7inches wide at 300 dpi). The photos must be in color. It’s simple and you could win $1,000 dollars.

The catagories are:
Erotic nude with automobile, truck, or motorcycle Erotic nude and an animal
Nude and an animal Fashion nude
Retro Nude Erotic Nude
Nude Lingerie Sexy Lingerie
Nude and Nature Nude Landscapes
Portrait Nude Sensual Nudes
Boudior Nude Outdoor Nude
Nude Godess Incandescent Nude
Harmony Nude Cupid’s Dart
Window Light Nude Bed or Bedside Nude
Nude in Public Pin-up Nude

Some of our winners are below: