Lost and Found/Generations


$100 First Prize per month

$50 Second Prize per month

$25 Third Prize per month

Tell us about any interesting items , you have lost in your car or truck and found again, and you could win a cash prize. If your item is the strangest or craziest one of the month, you could win $100.

Some of our past winners have delighted us with stories of leaving sour cream in her car for a month, a set of real lungs, would you believe a femur of a horse or cow?, bags of stuffed animals, a computer tower that needed a good home; where it could be loved and put to use again, a skill saw, petrified French fries, a fake tattoo, a tree sapling, x-ray plates, mice, a mystery smell, a petrified hamburger with lots of pickles, a life-size Bulldog statue; made of resin and having a broken leg, mushrooms growing…no joke.

What might be hiding in your car or truck?


$500 for First Place per month

$200 for Second Place per month

$100 for Third Place per month

We are searching for photographs and stories of automobiles, trucks or motorcycles that have been handed down or inherited from one generation to another. If you have the best photographs and story of the month, you will receive our award money. We want copies of documents, photographs, anything that can prove that the vehicle has been given to you or that you have inherited the vehicle. You can supply anything that can document that the vehicle has been given or that you have inherited it. We would also like to know anything that you may know about it. Is it still running?

These automobiles, trucks and motorcycles display the fingerprints of their histories rather than the monotonous shiny paint and chrome of antiseptic show cars. They speak to us in quiet whispers of credibility, rather than shouting, “look at me”. Many of these vehicles are instantly recognizable treasures that need no further documentation to prove that they are indeed real.

Our oldest documented case so far has been three generations.

Some of our winners are below: