Lingerie Model

We would like to receive a minimum of 15 photos of a beautiful woman and lingerie.

Every contest has rules, and this is no exception. They’re easy, so you have no excuses. The photos are going to be judged on resolution, the vehicle, and the models. To enter, send us 15 high resolution photos on a CD, or 15 photos. Make sure your images on the CD are .jpg files and that they are large enough to publish in a magazine (7 inches wide at 300 dpi). The photos must be in color. It’s simple and you could win $1,000 dollars, you can pay the beautiful models.

We need you to send us some information. We want to know the make, model and year of the Ride. Your name and the models‘, your address and the models‘, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers. We need to know this information, so we know where to send the prize money. And all photos become the property of National Parts Locator Service.