Junk/Salvage Art

$500 monthly winner

We are looking for 15 digital images of a beautiful-style of junk cars or trucks or motorcycles.

Photographing old cars and trucks can be awkward at times, because sometimes, you may feel as if you are trespassing and often you can feel their loneliness.

They can be photographed in the winter, covered with snow, or in the summer, with plants growing out of them. You choose the season and time.

It has not moved for who knows how long, but you wonder if it somehow breathes-slowly and laboriously, like a wounded animal. It has not spoken, but you wonder if it whispers to you-faintly, like a whisper on the wind. It has not grown, but you wonder if its curves become more voluptuous, its paint becomes brighter, its glass become clearer.

And the sun finds the horizon behind it. And the sea breeze whispers to itself.

There’s something about the curves, the lines, the old elegance, and the sense of history. These old cars, trucks and motorcycles may have been the first, or you may have seen them in old movies, and when you try to imagine them as they may have been once, do you see them in black and white, or in color?

You can ask yourself, “did someone ever enjoy it? Did someone buy it? Can it be restored? Will it go to a junkyard? Why do I care so much? Do someone miss them?”

Every contest has rules, and this is no exception. They’re easy so you have no excuses, The photos are going to be judged on resolution, the vehicle, and your creativity. To enter, send us 15 high resolution photos on a CD, or 15 photos. Make sure your images on the CD are jpg files and that they are large enough to publish in a magazine (7inches wide at 300 dpi). The photos must be in color. It’s simple and you could win $500 dollars.

Some of our winners are below: