I Shot Myself



$1,000 monthly winner

*all models must be at least 18 years old at the time of the shooting.

If you have ever had a hankering to release your naked body to the world, there has never been a place than here, or a better time than now. We pay $1,000 for the best series of the month. You can contribute more than once, and you have a shot to win.

To shoot yourself, you will need:
A digital camera of at least 2 mega pixels
A CD-ROM Burner
Photo ID, you must be at least 18 to contribute
Basic camera skills
Unfettered creativity

You need to have one hand (or other body part) on the camera at all times.
We need 120 images, and we will pick 40-50 that we think are your best.
You need to be totally nude, and what you do from there is totally up to you.
We need the digital images to be in jpg format.

How to Take Erotic Photos of Yourself

Want to photograph your erotic beauty? Grab a digital camera and read on.


Deciding who your audience is will help you decide what kind of photos you are after. Are you looking for tantalizing, or red-hot? Explicit or coy?

Decide on on your muse. The photos will work well if you have a theme or “story” in mind. Look at magazines for inspiration. This is your chance!

Consider interesting spaces. Bracing yourself against a doorway can be sexy; so can lying on a table or sitting on the back of a couch. Get creative, and use the space, walls, and furniture around you.

Remove any clutter. The photo is of you, and a distracting background can ruin an otherwise good photo.

Find a comfortable setting. Could be anywhere – bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen – as long as you feel comfortable there. Make sure it’s private.

Relax. If you feel uptight about posing for the camera try to relax or distract yourself. A natural smile can be very sexy. Try distracting or relaxing yourself by listening to familiar or interesting music. If your attire (or lack of it) is distracting you try doing a few mundane chores for a bit until you forget what you’re wearing (or not).

Take a few test shots to get an idea of poses, angles, lighting, and shadows. You can keep your clothes on for this part! You need to hold the camera yourself.

Pick something to wear. You don’t necessarily need raunchy lingerie. Try your bathrobe to start. Show some leg or maybe loosen the belt and reveal a bit of cleavage (if you’re a woman).

If you’re a woman who is not afraid of showing a lot of skin then consider wearing sexy lingerie or taking pictures of your breasts.

Play around with angles! Most pictures are from straight-on and at eye level; don’t limit yourself to this. Position the camera below you, and take the picture upward. Position it above, or diagonally. Try putting a vase of flowers in the foreground, with your body showing between the stems in the background. Think outside the box! Different camera angles make pictures interesting, and they can really help you accentuate your best assets and hide your flaws.

Start snapping photos. Check the preview screen to make sure you’re actually getting yourself and not just the floor or the ceiling in the photo. Try different angles and poses and different degrees of nudity.

Once you’ve got enough pics, download them onto your computer. If your butt looks like a bright white blob, don’t delete it yet! You can always manipulate the photo, crop it, play with the brightness, etc.

If you don’t like these results, try again in a different room or outfit. There’s no magic combination.

This step is up to you. Send the CD to us and possibly win the $1,000.