Honeymoon Cars

$300 Monthly Winners

Love is a many splendored thing, say the poets. What they neglect to mention is that it is also a many faceted thing, an emotion that can take on many forms and be expressed in myriad ways. Sometimes, in a beautiful confluence of events, it even takes on a triangular shape: the love shared by man, woman and car.

Do you still have the car you went on your honeymoon? How about photos of you and your bride today and yesterday with the car? You could be our monthly winner. Send us the photos and your story and we might send you $300.

Here are some past winners!!


“Big Blue” is the name of our 1970 Atoll Blue Pontiac GTO. We went out on many dates with her. In July of 1971, we were married in our hometown. Big Blue was stored in a body shop until our wedding trip. When we were ready to leave, we went to the shop and found that she had succumbed to shredded newspaper and tanning butter on the inside. Our mini-honeymoon was spent on the scenic Lake Superior North Shore; we returned home, packed the car and headed for Georgia, where I was stationed in the Navy. Big Blue transitioned to a family car a couple of years later. We brought all the children home from the hospital in her! When our son got engaged, we thought it would be fun to take him to his wedding in our GTO. Our daughter went to her wedding in Big Blue, too. We now refer to our car as a “survivor” car. Along with 40 years of marriage, she has survived road salt cancer and lots of parking lot scratches. Who knew our honeymoon car, a mode of transportation, would be the thread that would take us from the beginning until now?



During the summer of 1949, while driving my 1927 REO, I met my future wife. I became very serious about being her partner for the rest of my life. Soon we were engaged, and married on Christmas Day in 1949. Our first day as a married couple was spent in our REO. The REO took us through Washington, Idaho and on to Montana for our honeymoon. It was snowing most of the time, we pointed the radiator cap down the middle of the trees on each side of the road. It is now a full 61 years into our marriage, and we still have our REO in our garage, ready to fire up and take us wherever we wish to go. It has been christianed “Sir Elliott”, and we drove it to our 50th wedding reception.



Following a two year courtship, my future wife and I were married. Before we were married my wife fell in love with a striking gold Camaro; she bought the Camaro one month before our wedding. On our wedding day I stashed the Camaro behind a gas station, so we could make a clean getaway, but it was not to be. Our friends found the Camaro and had their way with it, using poster paint, crepe paper and rice and whatever they could tie to the rear end. They stuffed paper and rice in every nook and cranny on the inside. We had to take a trip through the car wash on our way to our honeymoon in Arizona. I still have my bride and we have our honeymoon Camaro tucked under cover in our garage.