First Car Photos/Stories

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Everyone remembers their first car. That initial rite of teenage life, of finally having the mechanical power to rise up and leave your parents, driving wherever your vehicle can take you. Every teenager has dreams of a shiny new car for their 16th birthday, and very few if any ever cash in on that dream. But, whether it’s a brand new car or a 10 year old car with a cracked seal, the result is the same – absolute ecstasy.

First cars can often be memorable and usually for all the wrong reasons. Rushing to grab our first four wheels of freedom, first cars are generally whatever can be afforded on a very limited budget, held together by a bit of love, a few zip ties and tape and topped up by several trips to the local mechanic’s garage. Share your first car stories and photos and you could win.

We want to read your story of your first car. What was the make, model and year? Was it new or old? Did you date? Did you cruise? Did you have an 8-Track stereo? What accessories did it have? Did you “personalize” it? What are your memories with it? What happened to it? If you can include a photo, that would be all the better.