Who can use this service?
The Parts & Information Location Service is available to anyone.

How often can I use the service?
Anyone that needs help to locate that hard to find part.
Can I make more than two requests per year?
Yes. As long as you pay for each vehicle that the part is being searched for. A “search” is for a single part or source for part information.

Will NPLS order the item(s) I request?
No. National Parts Locator Service supplies you only with vendors who have the item(s) requested. The actual ordering and shipping process is up to you.

Will NPLS find me the cheapest item?
Yes, if that has been stated in your request. Historically, most of the requests we receive are for NOS or original parts. Due to their scarcity, pricing is usually not a motivating factor in acquiring them. Availability is usually the key, but all the sources will be given, so you can choose.

What if I am looking for crash parts or used items?
Because of the differences between vendors’ condition ratings (one vendor’s “mint” is another vendor’s “fair”), NPLS does not call suppliers to verify availability of used items. Our goal is to find a new or rebuilt replacement item whenever possible. If these types of items are not available and a used item can be found, or a similar car is located that is being parted out, we will include that information in our response.

How long will it take to process my request?
We will process your request as quickly as possible. All requests are processed in the order they are received. NPLS will notify you as soon as your request has been processed.

What if I find the part before you do?
Requests can be cancelled by e-mailing us at office@parts-locator-service.com and we will refund your money. We will continue to search, however, unless you notify us.

How do I know these suppliers are reputable?
We constantly monitor our suppliers for their reputation in the marketplace. Suppliers known to us for unfair practices will not be provided, even if they are the only suppliers we can find.

What if NPLS can’t find the item I’m looking for?
We will make every attempt to find your part. However, if we search for the item you requested and are not able to locate it, we will refund your money, guaranteed.

Why not give a National Parts Locator Service Gift Certificate to a friend? Or to yourself or a fellow club member for that matter?

Why is NPLS looking for women models? photographers? special interest vehicles?
The owner enjoys photography and once in a while he has photo workshops. He would like to share his interest of old cars with others, and once in a while an owner of a special interest vehicle would like a beautiful woman to pose with their vehicle.