Dumbest Ticket/Bizarre Nickname

$100 monthly winner

“I got a my stupidest ticket for….”

Tell us about the stupidest or dumbest ticket you ever received.

Some of the tickets we have received and paid for include:

Improper position making a right turn. What?

Illegal squealing of tires.

Defacing a ticket.

Let’s hear about your ticket.


$100 monthly winner

Complete this sentence, “the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen while driving was….”

Some of our past winners told us about:

Seeing a nude man driving.

A herd of cows stampeding across the road for no apparent reason, and then a skunk appeared.

A tire on a rim appeared from an alley on my left and went into an alley on my right. No one followed it.

Someone has seen shaving, putting on makeup, sex, eating, a large animal in the backseat. But the most puzzling was the car with no driver.

A horse on the passenger side of the car.

Someone brushing their teeth and opening the door to spit out the toothpaste.


$100 monthly winner

Does your car, truck or motorcycle have a name? Let us know its name and you could win $100 for having the “coolest” name of the month. Please include a photo, so we can see if it looks like its namesake and if it has personality.

Did you know that 3 in 10 people think of their vehicles as having a gender, with 23% think of their vehicles as females, compared with just 7% being male.

The most popular names are: Betsy, Nelly, Blue, Baby, Big Red, Black Beauty, Sweetie, and Susie.