Driveable Dreams

You can earn $25 for sending us photo(s) of automobiles, trucks and motorcycles from 1895 to the present.. The photos must be of an everyday driver. It may be old, unrestored, smoke a little, use gas and oil, but it still gets around. If we decide to use your photo(s) on our website, we will pay you $25.

There are many driveable dreams still around. They evoke an era, or memories. We hear it all the time: “My parents/older brother/neighbor had one when I was growing up.” Sometimes it recaptures a piece of our childhood, it’s like finding a jar full of summer vacations, long after those summers have passed. Some foreign car manufacturers had a 25-letter word for this, but there’s a phrase in English that sums it up pretty well, too. We call it true love.

AS MUCH AS WE ADMIRE folks who lavish huge sums of money and inordinate amounts of time restoring automobiles, trucks and motorcycles of their dreams to absolute perfection, whenever someone drives by in a desirable old car, truck or motorcycle with faded paint, dull chrome, missing hubcaps, we can’t help but feel a great attraction. For some unexplained reason, these unrestored beauties strike a chord with us, that we can enthusiastically relate to.

Just because a car, truck or motorcycle looks a little disheveled, with all the appeal of a vehicle that should have been sent to the salvage yard decades ago, that doesn’t mean that it can’t provide its owner with the same type of driving satisfaction, and pride of ownership, that’s equal to a fine restored car, truck or motorcycle. These BUMS ON WHEELS can truly be gratifying collectors to own.

Now….don’t think for a moment that these aesthetically challenged collectibles are endowed with mechanical conditions that mirror their less-than-steller appearance. In practically all cases, their oil is just as clean, their spark plugs just as new and their filters, belts and hoses just as fresh as the vehicles competing in the trendiest of concours. And because they are driven regularly, they run better.

Here are some of our past winners.