Cars That Owned Me/Ghost Car

$500 monthly winner

Finish this sentence, I have owned (# ) in my life and I wish I still owned….(and any comments you would like to make about the car.) And then list them.

Every single car person we have ever met bookmarks the various chapters of his or her life with memories of the cars they once drove. Everyone of them. Some of us can look at photos and remember the one we let get away from us. Every one of you has a story, and it’s become especially painful to retell sometimes since old cars are now priced like real estate.


$500 monthly winner

We are looking for digital images of automobiles, trucks or motorcycles taken in the dark using natural light or provided light.

Every contest has rules, and this is no exception. They’re easy so you have no excuses, The photos are going to be judged on resolution. To enter, send us 15 high resolution photos on a CD, or 15 photos. Make sure your images on the CD are jpg files and that they are large enough to publish in a magazine (7inches wide at 300 dpi). The photos must be in color. It’s simple and you could win $500 dollars.

Use your imagination and have fun! This can become a passion, photographing old, beat up, rusty, relics, have beens, or maybe it’s a sadness that these vehicles have been rejected and we desire to make them live again.

Tell us about the automobiles, trucks and motorcycles that you have let slip away, and if you would want it back, and anything special about it.

Some of our winners are below: