Art Car Photography

$200 for monthly winner

An art car usually begins its life as an older or used vehicle (car, truck, van, bus, jeep, golf cart, etc.). The owner of the car decides that he/she wants to alter the car, not necessarily converting what’s under the hood, but instead transforming the exterior/interior of the car. To what degree and how this transformation is made is entirely up to the imagination, skill and resources of the art car artist.

Every contest has rules, and this is no exception. They’re easy so you have no excuses, The photos are going to be judged on resolution. To enter, send us 15 high resolution photos on a CD, or 15 photos. Make sure your images on the CD are jpg files and that they are large enough to publish in a magazine (7inches wide at 300 dpi). The photos must be in color. It’s simple and you could win $200 dollars.

If you passed one of these awesome art cars in traffic, you might just run yourself off the road trying to get a second look. Art cars have long been a popular way for enthusiasts to show off their creative ingenuity. “Cartists,” as they are sometimes called, are usually ordinary people who no artistic training, though some are metalworkers or sculptors.

We have seen car art from Gothic Cathedrals on wheels to a van covered in practically every type of camera imaginable.

Some of our winners are below: