About Us

National Parts Locator Service was founded by Walter J. Abbott in Ogden, Utah in 1980. Our first challenge was the 1954 Buick Skylark. We started the business because there is a need for this service. He had searched for two years for a wiper switch for a 1967 Mustang that he owned at the time. While searching for this one part, he came in contact with many collector car enthusiasts that did not know where to locate the parts or literature that they needed to restore their latest project cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Our search fees range from $10 to $25, depending on the age of the vehicle and the difficulty of locating what the customer needs.

In 1982, we placed our first ad in a national magazine. Since then, we have appeared in many magazines. Some are Hemmings, Vintage Almanac, Cars &Parts, Classic Auto Parts, Classic Auto Restorer, Hot Rod, Hot Bikes, Tuner, Lowrider, Corvette, Mustang Monthly, Mopar Muscle, Collectible Automobiles, Car Collector, Chevy Performance, Classic Trucks, Corvette Fever, Pontiac, Import Tuner, Mopar, Old Car Price Guide, Street Rodder, Easyriders, etc. We have received excellent reviews from these magazines. We have helped them put together their projects from time to time.

In 1983 and 1985, NPLS’s notoriety skyrocketed beyond the ranks of specialty collectors and car enthusiasts when we partnered with the magazine, Cars & Parts, on two projects. We put two cars together, a 1957 Chevy Bel Air, “Peggy Sue,” she was given away to Ronald McDonald’s House, and raffled away for charity. The second project car was a 1954 Ford Crown Victoria, “Vicki,” was given away to the Purple Hearts Foundation, and later donated to Fisher House. It was raffled away and the proceeds went back to Fisher House. NPLS located all the parts for both project cars.

In 1990, National Parts Locator Service hired our first model. Her name was Amanda. We were getting calls from customers asking if we can locate a woman to pose with their automobiles in a swimsuit. Amy’s first job was posing with a 1967 Mercury Cougar. Since then, we have worked with many models, and continue to this day. Our models have appeared in many national magazines such as Playboy, Lowrider, Street Rods, Models &Machines, American Curves, Easyriders, Corvette, Mopar Muscle Machines, Classic Auto Restorer, Custom Deluxe, Import Tuner, V-Twin, Street Trucks, Vintage Motorsport, Car Life, Automobile Trade Journal, Hot Rod, Hot Bikes, Porsche, Corvette, Jaguar World, etc. They have appeared nude, semi-nude, lingerie, swimsuit, and in vintage clothes. The clothes matched the era of the automobile, truck, or motorcycle.

1994, National Parts Locator Service joined the information superhighway for the first time, launching the latest website National Parts Locator Service. Today we are receiving emails from across the country asking about locating hard to find parts, literature and information about our auto locator service. Our website has allowed us to showcase our models at: NPLS Stars. Our website allows us to showcase our friends’ rides, sell or buy our classified ads link, share old photographs, and memories of yesteryear. Many of our links are viewer generated, we allow the public to submit their stories, auto humor, stolen autos, cars for film, auto memories, wacky auto news, vanity plates, and photos.

2003 we expanded our services to include a value price/guide. This service allows our customers to know what they can expect from a classic, antique, vintage, special interest automobile, truck, or motorcycle. This information is good whether you are buying, selling, or for insurance and estate planning.

2004 we included contests on our web site.

2005, Our models started to appear in many more calendars and magazines. The models have been in bikinis, lingerie, nude, semi-nude, and erotic fashions. The names of the calendars are: Pin-up Classics, Street Thunder, Classic Auto Bodies, American Muscle, Corvette Babes, La Femme, the Model T, the Model A, Muscle Car Lovers, Automobile Art, Exotic Machines, Playboy, Easyriders, Harley-Davidson, Sport-Rider, The Ford Century and more. We have been working with models for years and we are always searching for new faces. We are always looking for fresh faces.

2016, we are still going strong.